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PCB Surface Cleaner

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 30 October, 2011

I`m now doing my major project related to Automated surface cleaning for PCB after I found out there`s a lot of problem with rejected PCBs, which is almost of them caused by the contamination from the materials itself. After trying a few solutions by wiping the contamination, blow air and using hand sticky roller to overcome the problem, I have made into conclusion that using sticky roller is the most efficient way to overcome the problem. I am proposing to do create the automated product for the SMT line in the electronics industry with better features e.g. Feeder for stacks of PCBs, sensors, latch/ counter. I am more than happy if I could get some information regarding to this in order to have a strong design and project. Any issues, opinion, advice etc are most welcome. Thanks.

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