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PCB Surface Cleaner

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 30 October, 2011

I`m now doing my major project related to Automated surface cleaning for PCB after I found out there`s a lot of problem with rejected PCBs, which is almost of them caused by the contamination from the materials itself. After trying a few solutions by wiping the contamination, blow air and using hand sticky roller to overcome the problem, I have made into conclusion that using sticky roller is the most efficient way to overcome the problem. I am proposing to do create the automated product for the SMT line in the electronics industry with better features e.g. Feeder for stacks of PCBs, sensors, latch/ counter. I am more than happy if I could get some information regarding to this in order to have a strong design and project. Any issues, opinion, advice etc are most welcome. Thanks.

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 31 October, 2011

We're not sure what a 'sticky roller' is, but will it: * Remove ionic materials * Leave no residue * Clean the walls of through holes and vias * Clean under low stand-off BGA and LGA

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 31 October, 2011

What kind of flux/solder paste are you using water soluble or no clean

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 31 October, 2011

Hi If you want to clear bare pcb try to visit teknek company website, they are making roller type cleaning machine. I used similar solution before with good results.

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 31 October, 2011

Thanks a lot. I`ve been doing a research for existing products as well and yes Teknek is quite helpful. Now I need to do some simulation analysis, collect some data and compare with manual operation in order to proof that this is a good and strong project. ADAMS software can give me the data for the time taken but I need more data analysis. Do you know any simulation/analysis software that can be use to collect any data relates to roller type surface cleaning machine?

You mentioned that you used similar solution before with good results. May I know what type of problem did you faced? It might be really helpful for my design process in order to determine the user`s problem. As you know this project is more to industrial based project and it`s hard for me to do a research directly to the user in the industry. Much appreciate if you can share your experience, etc.

Many thanks for your help.

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 16 November, 2011


Thanks for posting about sticky rollers.Such ideas help out a lot in overcoming problems such as in this case, the problem of rejected PCBs.

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 18 November, 2011

What type of contamination is it? Flux residue or something else? If you are having contamination issues, you have a problem with your process. Simply washing the boards or using a roller may fix the problem, but you are treating the symptom, not the solution. Get rid of your contamination source. Perhaps I don't have all the information and I am missing something? What type of product is it? What is it used for? Is there something else, such as conformal coating, in your process that you failed to mention?

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 7 December, 2011

Hi Reese,

the contamination is coming from the material of the PCB itself. Basically, there`re failure observed in the products from electronics factory. preliminary analysis been done, the main board not properly functioning due to bad solder. next, failure analysis been done and there was one component lifted up and after investigation, they found the caused and it`s because of the foreign material (fiber dust) underneath the chip, which is originated from the PCB.

AOI machine detect intermittently due to the foreign material color tone were different from AOI inspection setting.

this is the only information I know. I`m actually don't have any knowledge in electronics sector. I`m product design student and currently doing my major project related to designing automated PCB surface cleaning machine. that`s why I need help, advice from knowledgeable people from this forum if possible. thanks for your feedback

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 7 December, 2011

So are you more concerned with cleaning the board than fixing the issue? Are you employed by the OEM? If so, your main concern should be to eliminate the cause of the contamination which sounds like it's coming from the board house. But if you are looking to get a grade out of it, your on the right track, as detrimental as that may be for the OEM.

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 7 December, 2011

I am actually a final year student in Brunel University,London. I`m just started with my major project and the main objective of this project is to perform feasibility study on automation in dust removal. My project title is Automatic PCB Surface Cleaning Machine.

I`m concerned to fix the issue of rejected part occurred in electrical product in industry which the main reason is because of the contamination of the PCB material itself. At the moment, they clean it manually using the sticky roller. I`m proposing to improve the cleaning mechanism from manual, which is not suitable to be apply in factory/industry, to automated system. Therefore, the comparison between automated machine and manual will be elaborate.

But for the first stage of design process, I need to do more research to get better understanding about this problem. It`s hard to simply go to industry and do an observation of my target user and the problem. It`s not as easy as approaching people in retail store and ask about this matter. Plus, I do not really know anyone from electronics industry. So that`s why I keep on trying email people, and ask the question here as one of my alternative way to learn and gain more knowledge. Hope I can learn something..

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 8 December, 2011

So you are performing a study on which automatic system to use for dust removal? Provide more details about what you are dealing with. Are these bare pcbs that need cleaning before the build or are they assembled units? It sounds like bare boards. Exactly where is the contamination coming from? One last question: Who picked this topic for your final project?

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 27 December, 2011

have you tried using an ultrasonic cleaner? i heard this from a friend and told me about this option. although, you may have to use a solution with the machine.

here's a link i saw before while researching on using ultrasonic cleaner for pcb:

hope this helps! :)

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 29 December, 2011

Hi, If this is sworf from pcb let say after routing of panel and sworf is attach to pcb cleaning with ultrasonics does not help unfortunatly. one of new cleaning technic which is worth to investigate is "snow jet". this is used during deburring and could be used for bare pcb. More information on this you can get from Fraunhofer institue from Berlin.

In terms of "sticky rollers" cleaning technic one of the most important factor is how often to change adhesive rollers and clean main rollers. It is hard to estimate how dirty your parts are so it has to be monitored regulary.

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 5 January, 2012

thanks janz for the info. i will look into it. :)

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PCB Surface Cleaner | 4 April, 2013

How reliable and good performing sticky rollers are? Please share in brief.

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