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5S in the SMT workplace

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5S in the SMT workplace | 27 October, 2011

Has anyone any experience of implementing 5S principles in the SMT environment?

I am aware of the in's and out's of 5S but wondered if anyone had any advice or recommendations about it's implementation specifically for SMT.

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5S in the SMT workplace | 28 October, 2011

Some times people make a big deal about things. We're sure that you practice elements of 5S in your day-to-day activities. You just don't call it something, because it just makes sense to do that thing. '5S' has to do with workplace organization

The 5S's - an English "translation" 1. Sort: Clear the work area of everything that is not necessary 2. Set in Order: Designate locations for tools and supplies 3. Shine: Clean & make the workplace appear nice 4. Standardize: Get everyone doing things the same way 5. Sustain: Ingrain the 5S's into the culture

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