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REACH Requirements

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REACH Requirements | 27 October, 2011

I’m looking for information regarding Reach and what a contract manufacture is required to supply their end customer. We are just getting our feet wet with this requirement and I want to make sure we nail this out of the gate. Is it just the MSDS that is required for each component (individual part and consumables like solder )? Or is it much deeper than this? I assumed it was much deeper meaning I would need a materials declaration sheet or C of C from the actual supplier stating the supplied material meets REACH requirements. Once this document set is supplied do I need to supply it again if nothing changes on the B.O.M or AVL? Has anyone developed internal processes or procedures that outlines this process that they would be willing to share?

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REACH Requirements | 11 November, 2011

Thanks Dave, I had found this in the past, I was looking to see if someone had already developed a straight forward simple program that outlined what needed to be handed to the end customer (well my end customer). we are finding it very difficult to get all SDS sheets from our supplier. I realize B.O.M check will probably help me with this, however I cant seem to regerester with them to be able to test it.

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