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De-Bug software for Test

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De-Bug software for Test | 19 October, 2011

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a software that will import a standard gerber, load the layers and highlight the tracks so point to point testing of can be carried out to debug a PCB?

This is something that i saw used some years ago, but i have not been able to find the same or improved version via the internet. Free versions most welcome!

All help appriciated.

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De-Bug software for Test | 22 October, 2011


maybe this will help

Rich larue

ProntoGERBER-CONNECTION ( ) imports raw Gerber data and allows the user to add intelligent information to the shapes on the display and create process assembly sheets. ProntoGERBER CONNECTION software translates Gerber and Bill of Materials (BOM) files into real reference designators, theta rotation, part numbers, X/Y component pin geometries, values, tolerances, etc. This data is then used by Process Engineers or Test Engineers to program their SMT, Thru-hole Automatic Assembly Equipment, AOI and Test Equipment. ProntoGERBER-CONNECTION displays your PCB assemblies and offers features such as creating kitting labels and process sheets for assembly aids and to document your assembly process. Quotation and cost estimation report - receive a report containing component counts for top and bottom of the PC Board broken down by SMT, Fine pitch, BGA’s, Thru-hole, etc. Instantly create a component part cost report to quickly estimate the total part cost for the PC Board and breakdown by part number. Export a standardized BOM for Part Sourcing, MRP, ERP, etc. Also create a report of the total solder joint count for Defect Per Million Operations (DPMO) for quality tracking for the PC Board broken down by SMT and Thru Hole and part number. Additionally ProntoGERBER-CONNECTION provides extremely fast PC Board first article inspection and general inspection. These features are great time savers for Contract and OEM manufacturers.

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