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SMT equipment--cheap/for starter

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SMT equipment--cheap/for starter | 14 October, 2011

I want to start an assembly that may require use of SMT machines such as SMT assembly, bond wire, Xray and PCB fabricator machines. I apologize I am not to savvy with the technical names such as the above but I just want something not to costly or expensive to start with. I'd like to do this because I have a device that is currently being work at and will be finish in a month's time. I will need a PCB fabricator, COB assembly, perhaps plastic injection moulding, assembly line and any pertinent tools necessary to do the above. Do you know if this is possible to get for very less than what it cost? and how do I do it?

Thanks, Francisco

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SMT equipment--cheap/for starter | 20 October, 2011

Your kinda vague on your description, How many components per hour, how many circuits per a day, week, month?

what kinds and size of parts.?

For a PNP setup for smt boards you will need a stencil printer(possibly manual or full auto like a DEK, 1 or 2 SMEMA conveyor belts, a pick and place machine, and a reflow oven.

Bond wire can be complex. AOI may be better for you than XRAY inspection.

As far as cost you can get all of this used if you find the right place/auction, I think we got some stuff from a xline auction. You will probably put as much in to support equipment as the line, ie rework stations, hand tools, computers, desks, ESD storage for boards.

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SMT equipment--cheap/for starter | 1 November, 2011

hi ,what is your job? you look like very profesional in SMT, can we be friends?

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SMT equipment--cheap/for starter | 1 November, 2011

Hello! I have some specs of the machines I may need for starter assembly company. Actually I am a registered nurse b profession. I sure want to be somebody's friend and we can be friends, no problem at all. thanks.

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SMT equipment--cheap/for starter | 1 November, 2011

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