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GSM USOS 3.2.3 patch

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GSM USOS 3.2.3 patch | 11 October, 2011

For all of you that are using this version of GSM USOS, I've made a patch that changes default fiducial repair drop-down menu from "Reteach Fiducial" to "Alignment Done". We had a large batch of boards with lousy fiducials and it drove me crazy having to change selection each time the window popped up. I suppose it can work on other USOS revisions, but haven't tested it. To install, start OS/2 prompt, go to /USOS/DLL directory, rename FIDREPR.DLL to FIDREPR.ORG, in case you want to revert to it later, and copy attached FIRDEPR.DLL

You can do it even with USOS running but close machine status window.

- Deni


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