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SMTmax Pick & Place Machines

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SMTmax Pick & Place Machines | 15 September, 2011


Established in 2009, the Omxie Corp. is headquartered in California, with several offices worldwide. Our primary focus is in the development, manufacturing and marketing of SMT tools and equipment for prototyping and production. Our additional services include the production of circuit boards and electronic test and measurement instruments, customized electronic hardware design, and software development. We provide quality products at low prices and excellent technical support.

All our products carry a standard one year warranty. In addition, some products have extended warranty, up to three years. Consumable parts, like hot air rework stations and reflow oven heaters, will not be covered by this warranty, but replacement parts can be purchased from us.

Our mission is to tackle innovative challenges in advanced technology and to help people and their environments by providing high-quality equipment, resources, and technical know-how. We value professionalism, and seek to forge partnerships in both the public and private sectors. Contact Mary at or (951) 278-0207 for a discount.


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