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Vitronics registration for support?

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Vitronics registration for support? | 30 August, 2011

I'm looking at used reflow ovens. I'm homing in on Vitronics. We're pretty self-sufficient in terms of keeping machines going, but does anyone have experience with parts and documentation support for Vitronics? Is there a fee for getting into the system like universal charges us?

My current oven is an older Heller, which I've torn apart six ways to Sunday over the years. So I'm good with basic oven construction and maintenance. Are there any places of special concern to look at when evaluating an XPM2 or similar?

Thanks, John

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Vitronics registration for support? | 31 August, 2011

We bought a Vitronics reflow oven used. No fee to register. Support from Vitronics was very helpful and friendly. Machine is well made and works great. All manuals are on the computer that runs the oven.

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Vitronics registration for support? | 31 August, 2011

We run 3 XPM2's. All were new so under warranty, but I've found the support to be excellent over the years. They have moved their operation to MO recently, time will tell if this is an issue. The only maintenance issue I've run into is on our oldest oven,I had the bottom over temp switches start to go bad one at a time, they're cheap $30.00 ea, but removing the chains and rails is pretty time consuming, after the second one went bad I ordered 10 and changed them all at the same time. Other than that, nothing really to speak of.

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