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2512 Solder Crack

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2512 Solder Crack | 24 August, 2011

Hello all,

We just got some board back from thermal shock and we found that several of the 2512 resistors opened up. Actaully the solder joint cracked away from the board. All other coponents look great. Boards were good before test. 10 layer board, immersion silver pads with SAC305 solder. Always the same designator too.


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2512 Solder Crack | 24 August, 2011

Low and behold, the answer has been found. I guess 2512 parts are not used inthe automotive wolrd due to the fact that they crack during thermal cycling!

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2512 Solder Crack | 26 August, 2011

Back in my automotive days, we'd always include 2512's in our test assemblies because of their infant mortality.

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2512 Solder Crack | 29 August, 2011

Now with lead free in the automotive world we include 1206 chips for the same reason. A ceramic 2512 only lasts a few hundred cycles of -40/+125C with lead free solder. A plastic bodied 2512 can go several thousand.

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