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A cheating company__Autento in Singapore

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A cheating company__Autento in Singapore | 10 August, 2011

Below is a cheating experience from one of my friends.

To all SMT friends___a cheating experience to share with you We made payment to Autento Electronics in Singaporen on OCT 30th,2009 to purchase Siemens Feeders,and they agreed to make shipment within one week;but we only got some of the parts after one month,so we asked them to return us USD 10,400?agreed by both parties with signature?,but they delayed us by many different reasons.

Per phone appointment with LiangGuiZhang in Oct 2010 that we went to their LiaoBu factory to discuss about the returning,we showed them our payment bank list,sales contract with Singapore Autento,he promised to return us the money by Dec 30th 2010(with mobile phone record).But they only paid us RMB 20000 by many many phone calls from us..He picked up our calls for the first one and two times after the Chinese Spring Festival,but gradually he didn’t answer our phones,and after that he even denied this business.

It has been two years since that,we feel very difficult to fall in sleep every night whenever thinking of it..

We are just wondering whether Autento Electronics in Singapore is a cheating company?And the so called Millionare LiangGuiZhang is an unreliable person?How come they would cheat us by such a small amount of business?Where is the justice?

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