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mydata spare electronics

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mydata spare electronics | 9 August, 2011

We just blew a Elmo power supply board on our MyData 12E placement machine. Can anyone suggest a supplier of spare electronic parts? We are down and MyData Inc. says that this part's lead time is 2 weeks. HELP! The MyData p/n for this board is K-029-0016

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mydata spare electronics | 21 August, 2011

Hi I had the same problem but with a MY12, and I have to say that we search for it but we did not find something, my guess you can talk to MYDATA to RUSH delivery from sweden o norway somewhere up there.

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mydata spare electronics | 7 August, 2012

Could you please tell me how much have you paid for the elmo power supply,we talked with the tehnicians of mydata and they say we have to buy a new supply for our my19. Thanks!

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mydata spare electronics | 16 August, 2012

If you are in Australia . Send it to Data Instrumentation. contactable on 03 9317 5300 for all your Industrial repair needs.

regards sarason

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