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IP3 special program

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IP3 special program | 29 July, 2011

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a special calibration program I need to complete a IP3 part camera calibration. This is to use the button jig in the procedure.

They name the program IP3_camera_proper in the procedure.

Anybody having a copy ?

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IP3 special program | 2 August, 2011

Marcel, have you completed your calibration or do you still reuire some help?


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IP3 special program | 3 August, 2011

IP3 camera calibration requires someone that knows what's going on to do it. Unless you have been trained on this specifically I would recommend that you don't attempt it by yourself.

I believe the button jig is used for squaring the camera up. You then need a glass part jig set to complete the calibration. This is only available from Fuji to the best of my knowledge.

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IP3 special program | 4 August, 2011

IP3 camera calibration, you need the following:

1. Part camera resolution Jig. 2. 10mm nozzle for nozzle centering. 3. Button jig (skip). 4. Glass board and Glass parts.

1. Conduct the Camera resolution. Set the following Delta values: X=+/-0.1mm; Q(Skew)= +/-0.01. Delta Y has no tolerance.

2. Attach 10mm nozzle and conduct Scan camera position. Repeat several times until the scan position become stable. Lock the camera bracket.....

3. Button Jig, for nozzle position and nozzle center. This jig is for the placement accuracy. But if do not have the program and the jig, skip this procedure.

3. Then, proceed to the glass part calibration. But, if you do not have your glass jigs. Use your production program for accuracy check. Adjust the Nozzle position and camera offset in Proper Data to get good placement result.

Good Luck....

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