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YTV-2000 AOI

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YTV-2000 AOI | 22 July, 2011

We have a inline YesTech YTV-2000 in a newly configured SMT line and having issues with the transfer system. Shortly after the unit is put in run mode, the conveyor will turn on and run as if it is attempting to load a pcb even though no pcb available. From what I can tell, the upstream FIFO is not sending board ready signal. I have noticed while monitoring the AOI inputs that upstream SMEMA input turns on randomly, but I do not see the upstream plc output energizing to send singnal.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Gary M.

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YTV-2000 AOI | 28 July, 2011

Make sure your system is not in bypass mode (under conveyor setup).

Also, the intermittent SMEMA signal can cause the conveyor to turn on until it times out. Check your sensor on the upstream conveyor. Cover it and check your diagnostics to ensure no trips. If you still get it. The problem may be with the PLC or between the conveyor and the AOI.

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YTV-2000 AOI | 28 July, 2011

Right now we are mainly using it in bypass mode until we can program our new inspection recipes. We also tried setting a quick inspection program just to see if bypass mode was not working correctly. Still will not handle pcb transfer correctly.

If you have an inline YTV-2000, what are you conveyor settings in the "conveyor" section of the YesTech.ini file. Also, under advance conveyor setup, what is the output signals set on(default high, etc)

I have SW version 2.7

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YTV-2000 AOI | 28 July, 2011

We are using 2.7.7. I have two M1 systems, but the sw is the same. I am not at work at the moment, but I will look tomorrow and let you know. On a side note, the conveyor will run continuously when in bypass mode. It does sound like you have a transfer problem with your SMEMA. There could be a timing issue with your conveyor setup as well. Hopefully, we will be able to gleen some information from the settings.

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YTV-2000 AOI | 29 July, 2011

Here is the data.


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YTV-2000 AOI | 29 July, 2011

I will give this a try...


Gary M.

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YTV-2000 AOI | 30 July, 2011

Thanks for the info, but we are still having the same issue.

Not sure what the next step will be.

Thanks again. I have requested an electrical diagram from tech support.

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YTV-2000 AOI | 31 July, 2011

Have seen this issue.

Noise from the conveyor was the issue.

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