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Juki 730_760 manual tracking

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Juki 730_760 manual tracking | 11 July, 2011

Anyone know how to enable pick tracking for the Juki 730 and 760. Our Juki 750's and 2060 allow me to press the camera button during a production stop to manually check pick position with the camera if the machine stops for no component, laser recong error, etc.

The 730 and 760 does nothing if the camera button is pressed. Is this feature not available with these machine or can it be enabled. Works fine when editing program.

Thanks in advance.


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Juki 730_760 manual tracking | 29 July, 2011

There should be a "Tracking" button at the bottom of the screen that you can just tab over to, then press the green start button. I have not worked with the 730, but it is that way on our 740, 750, and 760 machines. Alternatively, you can move the cursor up or down to the part you want to track, press the F9 key, then tab to Laser and press enter.

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