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Repear Area

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Repear Area | 6 July, 2011

Does any one knows if is imperativ that repear area to be located in controlled environment?

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Repear Area | 25 July, 2011

The imperative is for proper material control to assure: * No improper mixing of defective items with non-defective items. * Agreement on the definition of the next steps to be taken to correct the defective condition. * Agreement that corrective action was implemented correctly and that it was effective in resolving the defect. * For the proper, controlled release of acceptably repaired items to rejoin the standard process flow.

Sometimes it's just as easy to control nonconforming material in a segregated area, but it's not required. You just need to determine how to control the material so that people don't get confused and you don't get embarrassed.

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Repear Area | 26 July, 2011

That's why we use piles.

The good boards go in this pile...

The bad boards go in that pile...


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