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BGA connector

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BGA connector | 27 June, 2011

Hi All We are facing problem with solderability of BGA connector. After Xray we have found open under BGA connector. After removing from PCB it seems some copper pads are still gold. We are not sure why this is happening. We have 5 thou stencil and no reduction at all. Please reply Board has refloewed fine as other devices (BGA) are soldered.

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BGA connector | 27 June, 2011

It seems to be no solder paste release at certain stencil opening, you may need to enlarge the stencil opening. By the way what is the area ratio for the opening and how is the shape (round/square/diamond)?

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BGA connector | 28 June, 2011

If you have room, and the aperture size will allow for it, try a 5 mil overall stencil thickness with a 1 mil step-up in the area of the BGA connector.

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