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Siemens triple track 8mm feeders

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Siemens triple track 8mm feeders | 26 June, 2011

I have a dead motor in one of our triple tracks, one of the three that advance the tape. was just wondering if anyone has been able to order this or any other motors direct or if they all have to come through Siemens. thanks in advance for any replys.

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Siemens triple track 8mm feeders | 28 June, 2011

Hi you can buy the motors individually direct from Siemens or others suppliers like ourselves SME(Surface Mount Engineering)also many other uk & EU dealers(STM, Adopt, AMS,ISS & CPS, just search you'll find them plus many china suppliers, (Left side 00351602s01, right side 00351603s01) Siemens sometimes tell users that they have to buy the whole assy(very expensive ofen more than the used/refurbished feeders we sell...?!) most price lists these numbers are not listed but they do sell them! try to buy direct or request from one of the suppliers i mention. we also offer a repair & calibration service for all Siemens feeders £30 plus parts with 1 year warranty i'm sure the other guys offer this too so you can find what you need. regards llew

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