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| 24 June, 2011


We are running into a small, and still very rare issue. Before we would have operators "pull" boards as they were coming out of reflow on the conveyor. If they forgot to watch them, the boards would actually fall to the ground or on the table.

We have since implemented fixtures in place attached to the end of the conveyor a while ago where boards would "slide" onto the table. However, we'd like a better solution as it is not 100% perfect and operators still have to rely on watching these boards just in case.

What kind of setups have you guys done that might eliminate this sort of issue completely?

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| 25 June, 2011

Why not put a a 15-20 foot accumulator conveyor at the back-end of your reflow oven? You could put a 'off' switch on it near the input that shuts down the reflow and the accumulator when the conveyor gets full

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| 26 June, 2011

We solved the similar problem in a way that we added a optical sensor wired to quite annoying acoustic alarm, wich start to "buzz" when the board is at the end of a road. We never had a board fallen since...

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| 27 June, 2011

Thanks guys, this is very good information. Deni, do you have more information on the setup or where I am able to source the parts/equipment for such an installation?

Much appreciated!

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| 27 June, 2011

I've used a sensor from Sick ( - Any of those will do, adjustables are more easy to setup. I mounted the sensor on an rotating "arm" and set it in the middle of the conveyor, lookingj ust a bit outside the oven, so when there's no board, it sees only floor and that's too far to be detected. I've taken 12V from the oven's electronics and wired an intemittent buzzer I had in my junk pile. Actually, it was so loud that I mounted it inside the oven housing :-)

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| 27 June, 2011

We have an accumulator belt at the end of in-line wash that could also be used for a reflow oven. It installed in 1/2 hour and really works well and was an easy solution. For reflow, I suppose you would have to figure out how to make it adjust it's height easily to accomodate pin-chain and mesh belt differences in height. If you want company/model info, let me know.

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| 27 June, 2011

Sure, if you can provide the information, that would be very helpful. Thanks!

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| 29 June, 2011

It's a PRO MATION EFC-700 1. Made in Korea. We specified width and delay. By delay I mean the length of flat belt that runs with the incoming sensor is tripped. I suppose you could change the delay if you looked at the control box but we have not needed to do that as all the wash baskets are the same length. The nice thing is that you can use SMEMA to control it or simply the sensors which makes it stand-alone. It has worked very well for us.

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| 18 July, 2011

You can source used equipment. Look at the Simplimatic (now Crown Simplimatic) 8080 Fifo/Lifo Buffer. You can get these from many used production equipment dealers. Here's a couple that we have used.

Capital Equipment Exchange 2802 Barney Court McHenry, IL 60050 ph: 815-363-0800 fx: 815-363-0809 mb: 847-651-6562

Nevin Jenkins ECM Equipment Sales Inc. Ph. 352-302-8100

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Conveyor | 19 July, 2011

I have a conveyor that could help take care of this for you. So email me if interested.


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Conveyor | 19 July, 2011

This won't help much. At most it may give him a 2-3 board buffer, then what?

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