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Flying Diode

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Flying Diode | 7 June, 2011

Hi All Currently, we encountered that the schottky barrier diode was up side down or misalignment during SMT process.And, many parts were blown away as pick up error. What we found is its package space is a little bigger for parts to move. I seek your advice who had seen and solve this problem. or, my smt machine isn't good to pick up this diode properly. We use Yamaha SMT and 71A nozzles. Part size is 0.85x0.65x0.4mm. I attached photo of diode. Thanks in advance.


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Flying Diode | 8 June, 2011

Unless you have a feeder with unusual vibration that is generated during the advance it seems that the issue is packaging. Try another feeder that has been tuned up and properly lubed. Most high speed turret machines move the feeders back and forth at relatively high accelerations so the tape pockets should should be designed to resist the movement of the devices being presented. If some of your diodes are already upside down before the tape is put in the machine there is no question that it is the tapes fault.

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Flying Diode | 9 June, 2011

Hi Fred Thanks for your advice. That can cause bcoz may be Machine Vibration also. I did not check whether the parts were already upside down before advance.I'll do it in next run. We found that other diodes,see atached pic, were no troble during mounting. its package design is different.


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