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VOC free flux

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VOC free flux | 27 April, 2011

We are in the process of changing over our wave solder flux from alcohol based no clean to VOC free water based no clean. We are running an old Eletrovert with foam fluxer, tin lead solder. After preliminary testing on scrap boards and now starting to run product, intital results have been good. At this point I can see no down side to this change, but experience tells me there are always trade-offs. Am I missing something? Residue is almost non-existent, barrels are filled to class 3, Solder overall is not as shiny but still looks good under magnification, Hazardous waste goes away (which has been what is driving this change). Any input would be appreciated

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VOC free flux | 27 April, 2011

In a different life, we switched to water based flux on one product line. With a little tweaking, process worked fine and our VOC emissions dropped. We tried to roll it out on another product and it never worked. The first side on this product had more passives, and every board would blow off several. On both products we spray fluxed. So in our case it wasn't a one size fits all.

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