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SMT Production Planning Sreadsheet

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SMT Production Planning Sreadsheet | 14 April, 2011


I have produced a spreadsheet that helps to plan production for SMT Jobs its very much a prototype and my Excel skills are not the best but I would appreciate if people could look over it and offer improvements. It currently operates using only IC's, Resistors and Capacitors but I plan on adding a larger range of parts. The password for the protected sheets is @. Feel free to use it if you wish, any improvements and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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SMT Production Planning Sreadsheet | 15 April, 2011

We'd like to help, but are not real excited about downloading a file from someone we wouldn't know from a shoebox. Maybe you can figure a different way to get at the questions that you have about your planning system.

We're not speaking for everyone on SMTnet, we're just speaking for us.

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SMT Production Planning Sreadsheet | 20 April, 2011


I tried to download and I'm getting an Attachment.cfm file despite the description says is a *.xls file..

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SMT Production Planning Sreadsheet | 25 April, 2011

Just download and rename it.

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SMT Production Planning Sreadsheet | 3 May, 2011

Thanks for the input everyone. I'm now working on a new spreadsheet but if you would like to download this one and give feedback that would be very much appreciatd.

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SMT Production Planning Sreadsheet | 11 May, 2011

Google, Documents, spread sheet, public access. Or try a DropBox account. This is an invite link.

NOTE:FYI:if you use the link and join I get 250 Mb more storage.

There are other types like it out there, a customer has such a massive data file the company servers would time out so we used DB to get the files and no I don't work for them.

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