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X-Ray Inspection

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X-Ray Inspection | 25 March, 2011

Hopefully someone can share information about x-ray inspection for mid - complex boards. Currently we have installed a couple of 5Dx Stations at our facility at the back end and we want to evaluate moving those stations into outr SMT lines ( off line) but not pretty sure about where would be the best place to do x-ray, any suggestion..?

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X-Ray Inspection | 28 March, 2011

Place your inspection machines closest to the point where you are creating the problems that you find in your down stream inspection points, for instance: * Incorrect part => just after part placement * Sloppy printing => just after printing

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X-Ray Inspection | 28 March, 2011

Where you inspect depends on what you're looking for. X-Ray is a fairly specialized piece of gear and doesn't lend itself for example to paste registration or thickness measurement. A laser system is better suited. An X-Ray system would allow you to check for excess paste shorts under a BGA for example or perhaps identify internal shorts in multi-layer boards or detect counterfeit components. It is not particularly useful for component inspection like an AOI machine. The key is to put it immediately after the process that you suspect is creating defects. For example if you are experiencing shorts under a BGA, finding the problem before they are reflowed greatly reduces repair cost. Rule of thumb, rework cost goes up by a factor of ten for each process step completed before the defect is caught.

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