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BGA baking

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BGA baking | 20 March, 2011

We are going to be placing BGAs for the first time, and I have some questions. Is it recommended top bake all of the boards and all of the BGAs before production?

I have had good luck baking boards that didn't wave solder well. It usually turns out that there is a good reason i.e. the raw board has been sitting around for 1+ years. 24 hours at 105c seems to do the trick on those occasions.

Anyway, my reading suggests that BGAs are extremely moisture sensitive. I'm hoping someone out there that has experience with BGAs could tell me what works well for them. Thanks.

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BGA baking | 23 March, 2011

If these are moisture sensitive they are required to be shipped in a moisture barrier bag and labeled as moisture sensitive. Depending on which moisture sensitivity level (MSL) the components have, floor life can range from unlimited to a mandatory bake prior to use. Take a look at IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 for guidance.

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