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SMT Placement Machine Advice

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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 5 March, 2011

Hello all,

I've got three contact systems pick and place machines. I'm looking to purchase a new placement machine to replace and I'm interested in hearing your experience or advice on this.

Here's what I'm looking for: Budget is 75-100K CPH needs to be 13-15K Ease and speedy set-up (frequent job changeovers) Must be able to place 0402 and BGA's. Not made by Contact Systems.

I was looking at mydata but they seem too expensive. I hear juki and samsung is good.

Thanks for your help!!

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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 6 March, 2011

Asking what is best on this type of form would result in a lot of different opinions. If possible I would suggest starting your search at the Apex show in Las Vegas. You will get to see all the equipment and may get a show deal.

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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 8 March, 2011

When we were looking for machines we were looking at some of the same brands but ended up going with Assembleon Opal XII. They have since been replaced by another model. We have been happy with them. Have not placed any BGA's but 0402's are not a problem. We have even placed 0201's with them. Don't know the CPH but these are discontinued anyway unless your shopping for used machines. You could look on thier web site for the current machines spec. I think the replacement is in the MG line. Juki looks nice as well, I only know what we own. I would also suggest going to APEX if you can. there's nothing like seeing the machines in person.

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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 8 March, 2011

Hi Apex show in Las Vegas is good chance for surching machines. Looking for mid speed with flexibility. there are so many of in market, make a metrix chart so you can find which machine is fit your needs. Juki, Samsung, Assmebleon, Mirae, Mydata these are the common flexible machines.

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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 9 March, 2011


Could you please email me at concerning placement equipment, and also your Contact machines. I'd like to know the model # you have, maybe we could discuss some programming techniques and I would like to hear your input on feeder issues for the C5 if that's what you have.


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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 9 March, 2011

Hello, You may find the attached SMT equipment industry link very helpful in your search as it provides a comprehensive summary list of all major (and lesser known) placement machine models released on the market over the past ~7 years or so sorted by manufacturer.

You can browse thru each and it provides a nice spec summary of each model for quick reference & comparison as well as "new" price range in certain cases as well to help with your budgeting. (I believe all the models referenced in this thread appear)

If down the road your search eventually leads you to consider secondhand equipment as well, then please keep us in mind if you would like to discuss available options at the time:

We do not broker equipment, but rather buy, bring in-house (California warehouse) for servicing and sell from inventory with warranty and onsite demo/teting available prior to purchase.

Good luck and Vegas next month would be a good place to "kick the tires" as already suggested here.

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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 10 March, 2011

I have 7yrs experience with JUKI's and I liked 2000 series(2050,2060) dont get caught up in the 730 or 760 these machines are obsolete or at least on there way and spare parts are hard to come buy. The 2060 is the chip shooter. I like the user friendly features for operators and the off-line and on-line program feature too. Generating packages types is easy with a foot print of component outline as well as pcb and where parts are on pcb in relation to program parameters, gives you a visual per say. The 2060 would do BGA's no problem. It has blue led's in vision box for bga's, red for IC's or you can turn some colors on and some off to get best threshhold for recognition of bumps/leads. Nozzle repair is now much cheaper and turn around time is 1 week to 2. Buying new nozzle to replace damaged is rather expensive. The 2060 JEDEC tower is awesome, 24 trays capibility. Hope this helps. MYDATA's are nice if you can afford it. I am running MY12 now. MYDATA is crazy expensive, but very reliable, accurate, and the elec verifier verifies first 3 comp. picked then optimizes its self. This I like. Not one wrong component with no verification process in place. Working that issue.

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SMT Placement Machine Advice | 3 October, 2011

You can search and find your best suitable machine.There various companies which manufactures very good quality machines.One of my friend search he bought his machines from this company.

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