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Quad 4c programming question

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Quad 4c programming question | 4 March, 2011

We are a very small (2 people) company and have recently purchased a used Quad 4c Mk II, for our low-volume in-house production. The machine appears to work perfectly for our needs. My question is regarding programming from a concept standpoint. Our first project is a small (4x6") panelized board that contains 32 smaller boards. Each individual board has 6 components that will require 2 different nozzles. The manual that covers programming discusses component repeat and image repeat (for multi-panel boards). It seems that image repeat will require many nozzle changes (64) for the 32 "sub" boards. Is it more sensible to treat the 32 "sub' boards as an "array" (for the purpose of doing component repeat), than doing image repeat programming? That way there would only be 2 (not 64) nozzel changes. We would just be placing each component 32 times on each individual sub board. DOes this make sense, or am I totally off the mark here? Thank you in advance for any advise you can provide. -Tim

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Quad 4c programming question | 7 March, 2011

Tim you can do your image repeat after you place the whole panel with nozzle #1. In your sequence step program place all with nozzle 1. You can then change to nozzle#2 then place the whole panel with nozzle number 2. This will be one nozzle change. If you need more in depth instruction let me know. Email me at

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