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Amistar Manual Quest (PlacePro 5620)

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Amistar Manual Quest (PlacePro 5620) | 1 March, 2011

We've recently aquired am Amistar PlacePro 5620.

Given it's age (1990) we don't have any real hope of puting it into service however we do like having it around.

At some point it has been parted from it's manuals and we're looking to track a copy down.

It was manufactured by Tenryu Technics circa 1990.

Does anyone have any advice on where to look for a manual, or if you've worked on one in the past any tips on getting it back into shape.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Amistar Manual Quest (PlacePro 5620) | 2 March, 2011

Hello all you can contact amistar Rick Geisz he knows all there is to know about amistar machines. 760-471-1700 I had a 5630 and 5800 machine ran them for 15 years 2 to 3 shifts a day not very many break downs and placed all types of components hope this will help you out good luck

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Amistar Manual Quest (PlacePro 5620) | 2 March, 2011

Hi Wrongway;

Thanks for the point (I fear i must be getting old my googling skills didn't turn them up)

I must admit we acquired ours more by chance than design but now that it's sitting on our production floor it's just calling out to be fired up.

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