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Test fixture

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Test fixture | 24 February, 2011

Hello all!

Here's my issue:

I've been assigned to make a programming fixture for a contract product we've been making. We're ramping up to 300+/month so it's becoming necessary to have more permanent fixtures.

Usually, when programming, we have a dedicated header either pins or chopped up pci style. This time, since program and test are done at the same time, all 17 pins of the LCD display have to be interfaced with simultaneously. All of this at .050" pin spacing. I can't find spring pins that small and have tried to trim them that small to a huge failure. Headers won't work as it's too hard to keep 17 pins in contact that whole time.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for looking!


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Test fixture | 24 February, 2011


Test fixture | 2 March, 2011

You can contact IDI directly. Also try QA, they are a little cheaper in price. .050 center probes are not uncommon and should work for your application. Both may have a minimum order of 200 pieces or so. I don't know what Mouser's minimum order amount is. If you don't want or need to purchase that many, you can try Circuit Check. They build test fixtures and will probably sell you probes. Since they buy in balk, they may be cheaper. They can also provide test fixture services if you need professional help in building a fixture.

Others are:

Q1 --

Omni Engineering Services -- ph: 507-454-5293

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