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Solder Paste not dry after Wave

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Solder Paste not dry after Wave | 23 February, 2011

Hi all

Recentlt I encounter a issue, the solder paste was not dry after wave. Mostly happen and the end of the board. It is rare case, 1 day happen about twice. But to achieve our quality target, I still need to overcome this issue.

I use Alpha OM-338pt, reflow profile setted as per technical data provided by Supplier (seachable on internet).

Anyone facing the same issue? Please advice.


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Solder Paste not dry after Wave | 23 February, 2011

If we understand correctly, your SMT solder connections remelt when passing through the wave solder machine and your QA-people don't like it when that happens.

It's nice not to remelt this solder, but as long as the board meets your acceptance standard, there is nothing wrong with solder remelting when passing through the wave. There is no accepted requirement that the solder on SMT connections not melt during wave soldering. Nor should there be.

Generally, first side SMT solder connections remelt during the soldering of second side components in the reflow soldering machine. Is this allowed at your plant? If so, what's the difference?

Talk to the person that made-up this requirement and understand their intent and the benefit of the requirement.

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