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Need help for Philips CSM66

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Need help for Philips CSM66 | 15 February, 2011

Dear all Members, I'm going to buy a used Philips CSM66, but I never use it before. If any one, who used to use this type of machine before please kindly tell me your experience about it.

Thanks in advanced,

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Need help for Philips CSM66 | 7 March, 2011

I have written an SMT file generator available at try the YM6021 generator output option, it is very similar to a CSM66 file. The YMxx series file is a little different in format. This should help your file generation. Next go onto the machine and have a go at it's pre-DOS interface. I program my files with my program and then download via RS232. If there are major stumbling blocks email me on the address on the web page. Don't expect a prompt reply. the machines mechanics are late 1970's style but it was sold up until 1990's when a newer controller and updated component alignment replaced it. This was the YM100,120,80 etc series from Yamaha and Gem series from philips. Good Luck

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