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Philip Topaz

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Philip Topaz | 25 January, 2011

I have an old philip Topaz, not X or Xi. Does anyone have an easy to follow Calibration procedure? I have a manual, glass plate and program but trying to understand the manual is a completed waste of time. This manual must be translate from Japanese. If you know where I can buy it will be great.

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Philip Topaz | 1 February, 2011

The YAMAHA manual is not much better. Topaz is slightly harder to calibrate than the later machines due to the machine being fussy about the lighting. Remember that you must setup the QFP68 both in the program for placement and also in the Database for the Feedback function before you start. Set your tolerances to 99% to make things easier. The Fiducial camera also needs setting in both the program and the database before you start. Adjustmode 2 is necessary to handle the reflection of the glass QFPs. Set your conveyor to leave the Glass board clamped at the end of placement, then you can can go directly to the hidden key to run your Feedback of results.

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Philip Topaz | 16 February, 2011

Hi Mark,

Send me your mail id and I'll send you the very detailed procedure. If you follow to the letter, you'll have a perfectly calibrated machine.

You can write to me at

Regards Vinit

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