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Mirtec MV-2HTL programming: Teaching parts ...

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Mirtec MV-2HTL programming: Teaching parts ... | 25 January, 2011

Hi All,

I've been working with this machine for several weeks. I read the manual and I'm using the autoprogramming (ATT) with centroid data. I have a question regarding the teaching of the parts. Let's say I have 10 capacitors on the PCB that are the same. I teach the first cap and I use the "Teach current part" icon to teach the other 9. Most times it it goes to all others but some other there is one that gets the checkmark but there is no library link with it. What does this mean? If I try to teach it again it doesn't do anything. Will this part be inspected? and with what library info if there is no link in it? Can someone shed some light into this please.

BTW We have no support from Mirtec because the machine was purchased used and they want mucho $$$ for support.

The software is Inspector and MIL version 7.50. I hope that helps.


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Mirtec MV-2HTL programming: Teaching parts ... | 25 January, 2011

If you click on this other part your worried about dose it show inspection windows on it? If it has inspection windows then it was taught ok.

Sometimes on the 3.5x software it wouldn't show a part being taught when you asked it to but it would teach it anyway, And if the check box wasn't checked IIRC it couldn't find it and thus needed you to place the part on the pads.

Dose your software version offer to save a lib or library information when closing ATT? Something that may not be in the manual is that you can save this information, and, every time you open ATT theres a open library info button. This is data to correlate between centroid part names and part database part names so it wont need as much manual teaching next time you run ATT, if the part was taught once before.

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Mirtec MV-2HTL programming: Teaching parts ... | 25 January, 2011

Hello Rodrigo,

You are running a very old verson of software. The MIL library is also out of date. I think your organization should reconsider purchasing MIRTEC's second owner support package. MIRTEC charges a flat $6,000.00 fee plus travel expenses for our second owner support package. This package inlcudes three days of on site training, upgrade to our latest version of software and unlimited telephone and Webex support. Our second owner support fee is quite reasonble compared with other vendors.

The fact is that we at MIRTEC want all those who purchase our equipment to be successful. We do not discriminate against second owners. But you must realize that there is most definately a cost associated with second owner support.

Those who elect to purchase second owner support will get up to speed QUICKLY allowing them to maximize the investment in their second hand MIRTEC AOI system. Those who do not elect to purchase this support package jeopardize the successful implementation of this equipment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions that you may have regarding our second owner support package.


Brian D'Amico President MIRTEC (203) 881-5559

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