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Accuflex MPM X,Y table issue

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Accuflex MPM X,Y table issue | 17 December, 2010

Hello to all,

I am having problems with the X,Y table initializing. I noticed the Skew motors 17M1 and 17m2 are moving but the table keeps wanting to drive in the left direction standing in front of machine. It will keep trying to drive until it times out.

All sensors are plugged up, but I can't find where any input indicators are to see if the sensors are seeing the flags. I also am not sure if both motors are driving or maybe one pulling the other. No schematics on this machine.

Anyone seen this problem?

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Accuflex MPM X,Y table issue | 20 December, 2010


The input indicators can be located by selecting the 'Input' page located in the 'Diagnostics' drop down menu. Just select the Align tab at the top of the page and you'll be able to see when the nearly home and home sensors change state.

The problem could be down to either the nearly home sensor or home sensor not seeing the flag on the lead screw as your aware. It could also be an Align board problem.

To help diagnose if its a board issue you could swap the motor connectors over (located under the table).

Best regards


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Accuflex MPM X,Y table issue | 20 December, 2010

I started swapping motor cables and sensor cable doing a process of elimination and never found a problem, I put everything back to original and it homed. I not sure if it was a connection issue or it was a sequence of homing the machine needs to do to initialize. Its been running fine for 3 days. I don't see any rubbing on cables etc. So I guess until next time.

Thanks Rich

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