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New SMT Equipment

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New SMT Equipment | 16 December, 2010

The company I work for is looking to install a new SMT line. We currently use Assembleon equipment but we are also looking at Sony. I have not seen any information on how well Sony machines perform. If anyone out there has had experience with them, good or bad, i would love to here from you.

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New SMT Equipment | 7 January, 2011


I specialise in Samsung equipment and offer reconditioned systems with good warranty. I've also spent some time studying the SOny systems and have been to the SOny centre in Germany. Machines are reliable and fast but flexibility is a major downfall of the machines and low feeder count. No vibratory feeders available and 8mm's need to be either embossed or paper. If you're looking for a small footprint, fast chipshooting machine then they're ideal but that's about the only good thing in my opinion. Over priced. Hope that helps :-)

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New SMT Equipment | 10 January, 2011

What else is there aside from 8mm embossed and paper ? I thought all 8mm tape is either paper or embossed.....

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