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Quad 4c vs. 4c Mk2

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Quad 4c vs. 4c Mk2 | 3 December, 2010

We are a small company looking to purchase a used Quad 4c to bring some of our PCB fab in-house. In looking around at equipment we see both 4c and 4c mk2 versions of the Quad machine. Can someone please advise the difference between the two? Thank you in advance for your help. Tim

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Quad 4c vs. 4c Mk2 | 6 December, 2010

It has been a while but I think the Mk2 was an upgraded ballscrew. I am a fan of the Quad products but if you are looking to bring production in house using these machines to do it, I would be very very careful and really consider new machines with a warranty. The parts support is the major comcern, check with Tyco and then PPM first to see if the parts are available and if there is a registration fee etc. Better to find out now then later.

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