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quad qsp-2

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quad qsp-2 | 29 November, 2010

Has anyone had any success with placing BGAs with the Quad QSP-2? We have been having alignment issues with BGA placement but our placement of 0402 parts is dead on. We have worked through the calibration and it seems to be correct.

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quad qsp-2 | 30 November, 2010

If you are using the upward camera then you probably have to put in a placement offset for each head. This only effects upward camera placements...not quadalign. This is located in: 1. machine-calibration-camera lens 2. Choose upward camera2 under "camera" 3. click on position 4. Go to placement offset and enter the amount needed to offset the part for EACH head. You will have to select the head before putting in the offset. I am guessing but the offset will probably be the same for both heads.

Good luck

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