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Quad 2c - QA Error #0?

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Quad 2c - QA Error #0? | 26 November, 2010


I have been programing a Quad 2c for about a year and I have run into an odd error I can not figure out, QA Error #0. It occurs in this sequence:

Program Pickup 1. Program Placement 1 . Run Step Pickup 1. Run Step Placement 1 --> QA Error #0

The strange part is that if I reprogram the Pickup over and over again, using the same variables, eventually the error goes away and does not return for that particular pickup. However it will occur again for subsequent pickups.

Has anyone experienced this error?


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Quad 2c - QA Error #0? | 29 November, 2010

If i remember this correctly....and its been years.......check to see what your theta number is for the pickup or placement. The number has to be 1 of 4 values.

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Quad 2c - QA Error #0? | 30 November, 2010

Its been a long time since I've worked with the Quads but if I remember right I've seen this error when the bearings went bad in the theta on the heads. Usually you can feel it when you try turning the Z-rod. Should be a nice smooth motion with little resistance. I believe the only way to fix this is to replace the whole head.

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