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Bang 4 Buck AOI vs Flying Probe??

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Bang 4 Buck AOI vs Flying Probe?? | 24 November, 2010

Looking for opinions on what the best bang for the buck is for MDA in a high mix low volume lean environment? Is it AOI or Flying probe?

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Bang 4 Buck AOI vs Flying Probe?? | 16 December, 2010

I would go with AOI. Reasons are:

--AOIs are faster --They have more coverage. Given, you cannot test the value of components, but the AOI will ensure that all resistors are correct, orientation of ICs are proper and components are present on the board. The flying probers cannot test all components. An AOI will at least give you the assurance that the part is there. --Lead defects such as deficient solder and solder bridging are also tested. Your flying prober can probably do these tasks as well, but not nearly at the same speed. And with each additional test means less throughput on the line. The AOI is only limited by the size of the pcb being inspected, not the number of components (generally speaking, it does add some processing time, but overall, it's the size of the board that is the bottle-neck. Remember, the motors are much slower than the PC.)

Flying probers are slow and testing is limited. I've never considered using a flying prober and probably never will. But it depends on your situation, for us, it just doesn't fit the plan. But if I had a choice (and I do) I would go with an AOI.

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