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Seeking Vapour Machine

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Seeking Vapour Machine | 16 November, 2010

Dear All

Could you please give me some info of Vapour Machines Makers. We need it for fine pitch sodlering.

Thanks in advance.

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Seeking Vapour Machine | 16 November, 2010

ASSCON offers a range of Vapor phase reflow soldering systems. Available in benchtop, batch, inline, vacuum inline.

The US distributor for ASSCON is ATEK at

The ASSCON website:

you asked about the maker: - ASSCON founded in 1995 - located in Germany - hundreds of systems installed globally

Shean Dalton FHP Reps (mfg reps including, if not already obvious, ASSCON) 512.971.2850

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Seeking Vapour Machine | 17 November, 2010

Also please contact Rehm Thermal, they make best Vapor Phase systems in terms of cost of onwership - less galden usage than Asscon or IBL, have more controllable ramp rate control vs the other vendors also...use patented galden injection on demand and offer vac soldering with PCB in place. They never move PCB in any part of reflow process...

We rep Rehm so not a un-biased view but you should take a look...

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