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F4G Real Time Monitor ?

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F4G Real Time Monitor ? | 10 November, 2010

Hi all...

I have the F4g connected to a CP65 and I can transmit programs and receive proper data without a problem. So I was reading the manual and it says that I can use the Real Time Monitor to monitor ... stuff. I don't knnow how this works! I started the Real Time Monitor Message Generator (RTMG) and the Real Time Monitor (RTM) and I see .... nothing!. The RTM screen shows only four columns with 25%, 50%... etc. But the CP65 is not there, should it be? Anyone know how this thing is supposed to work?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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F4G Real Time Monitor ? | 19 November, 2010

I saw a lot of people read this post but no one answer me so I thought someone may be interested to know how this thing works. My problem was in the "F4G_LINE.CFG" file. The "RTM" heading had a "NO" when it should have been "YES". This will make whatever machine you have set up show up in the real time monitor (RTM) screen. After that I run the real time monitor message generator and RTM before I started the transmit engine. Then I transmited the program and started to get real time data. It was pretty informative to see where the time was being spent.

That's it. I hope it helps someone.

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