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Tenryu MT-5720VM users?

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Tenryu MT-5720VM users? | 2 November, 2010

Hi, we have run in to a tenryu SMT mounter and cant get it going.. When trying to create a program it refuses to set the PCB. The conveyer isnt starting when using PCB SET. Anyone out there who has used these machines? what am I doing wrong? The machine is supposed to be working, and the conveyer is starting if running it manually. Would be very happy for any help of how to get started with a new program, what steps is to be made and in what order? Thanks/tagge

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Tenryu MT-5720VM users? | 10 November, 2010

Got it starting at least.. it was the PCB stopper valve that needed some oil. Now Im stuck on trying to program, it complains about nozzles. It seems that it dosnt recognize it or its not initilazed right. I also cant get it to pick up a nozzle with tool. This machine has 3 heads + vision. If anyone has used these machines I would be very happy for a simple "get started manual" :)

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