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Large SCI



Large SCI | 6 June, 2000

Charles, I am senior engineer in the environmental test lab for Agilent Technologies(HP Spin off). I am working on qualifying a large SCI(Solder Collumn Interposer) CBGA package. The package is 1mm pitch. The balls are .72mm. The number of balls are 1500+. Do you know what is SOP for solder? Photo stencel info, board pad size, SMD/NSMD, type of solder and other information necessary to do a quality reliability study. Temp cycling and moisture resistance is some of the many tests that will be done. Thanks Ed

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Charles Harper


Re: Large SCI | 6 June, 2000

I suggest contacting Dr. Jennie Hwang, author of Chapter 6, as shown as the top of the forum. Jennie is outstanding in the solder reliability subject area.

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