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ROGER 4003C bounding to Aluminum

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ROGER 4003C bounding to Aluminum | 21 October, 2010

OGER 4003C bounding to Aluminum

I am hoping someone might have the solution to my problem I have the following PCB: RO4003 Thickness: .2mm Layer: top single/ bottom ground plane Finish: silver top and bottom .2um Size: 3mmx6mm

I need to bound/ground this to an aluminum carrier with silver finish.

I tried tinning the ground plane of the PCB and the aluminum carrier with RoHS solder Then using a hot plate I increase the temp of the aluminum carrier Applied flux to the PCB ground plate And applied the pcb to the aluminum carrier Using a weighted jib I would hold the pcb on top of the aluminum carrier and cooled it down at room temperature.

The problem is.. its not a great process ..

Is there a better way to do this job ?

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