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SMT line design_suggestion please

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SMT line design_suggestion please | 8 October, 2010

My factory is in front of establishing SMT production line. I have difficult task to select what machines we will buy. Unfortunatelly I don't have enough experience because so far we had through holes production only. On the market exist many producer of SMT equipment with planty different models. May somebody suggest what is the most suitable for us?

Basic requirements are:

1. Medium producton volume (mainly LCD TV sets, monitors, maybe 3D in near future). 2. New machines 3. Budget unlimited. 4. Machine for inspection included 5. All machines from one producer (easer support) Thanks in advance and best regards SvKo

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SMT line design_suggestion please | 8 October, 2010

You may want to look at Panasonic. I believe they make everything from screen printers to AOI and of course pick and place. Great support and our pick and place are reliable machines.

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SMT line design_suggestion please | 21 October, 2010

Dear WRS

consideration for buying SMT equipment is likely you buy a vehicle, you must consider many things, after sales services, machine easy to do model change, accuracy,cheap, mostly machine use in your region. etc.

I also run production for LCD TV & LED TV. use BPR / UV hardener process for Manual insert component. I use Samsung techwin machines. Top Process : SM411-SM411-SM421-SM421 Bottom Process : SM411-SM411-SM421.

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