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PCB Solderability

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PCB Solderability | 5 October, 2010

Is there anyone performs solderability evaluation on PCB as a part of receiving acceptance criteria. It's costly to perform any form of physical evaluation whether simple as dip and look or wetting force balance. How do you have control in place to assess and verify solderability of PCB before release to WIP. or do you even perform any. The importance is at early detection of potential issue. Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.

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PCB Solderability | 6 October, 2010

We aren't able to quote you chapter and verse, but J-001 says that you have to verify the solderability of parts prior to assembly.

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PCB Solderability | 29 October, 2010

Just for your reference. If you need to check for surface contamination, then we shall go for microscope inspection at different modes. But this will not reflect on actual PCB performance.

Solderability test will still a good option if PCBA is expensive.

I have experiences on few cases, although the solderability tests were passed, but after PCBA reflow process, there were extremely weak joints.

If we can have component mounted at PCB dummy area, this will solve all your problem.

You will not need to scrap the PCBs. You can test them with dummy parts.

All are Free.

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PCB Solderability | 15 November, 2010

It's not easy for everyone to release the PCb to the line without conducting any solderability test. The easist way of evaluating pcb is to dip it into solder bath, But there is no quality issue realted to the pcb solderability in your proess for 1 or 2 years and your supplier has controled the quality of pcb well, and it is costly as you said,i think you don't need to do that test about PCB. Thanks

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