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"Base Hole Error" message from hole inspection machine

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"Base Hole Error" message from hole inspection machine | 5 October, 2010

Our hole inspector gives this error message “Base Hole Error”. It is a flat conveyor-type hole inspection machine from YAYATech that scans PCBs, with an optic sensor and cameras on top of the belt and a light source on the bottom of the belt. And during scanning, the machine automatically selects 3 “Base Holes” in the 3 corners of the panel, and set those points as reference points for calculating coordinates of each hole when displaying the results. But one day morning the machine started malfunctioning giving this “Base Hole Error” message, the right next day of the huge power failure in Los Angeles area last week.

Now the machine fails to inspect any panels. It does scan the panel in the manual mode, but when inspecting with CAM data file from the server, it fails. We have not yet figured out if the power failure somehow really caused the malfunction of the machine, but it is one of the suspects we are looking at right now. We have tried all other diagnostics in every aspect though.

So if you have any ideas/suggestions about this error message, or the mechanism of this type of conveyor-type inspection machine that could cause the malfunction of the sensor, or you have any experts that you know who might be able to help us out, please, please let me know. We would greatly appreciate it.

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