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Westek SMT IV Drying Question

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Westek SMT IV Drying Question | 4 October, 2010

I have a question about Drying a PCB after it goes thru the washer. Just wondering if others have to dry components off using air at the end of the wash? Our current process is that we wash the boards and dry certain parts off with the air hose after wash. Some boards will not get dried off until after the next process and then it gets washed again and then dried off. My concern is that water stays under parts mostly thru hole for over 3 days (weekends) and may eventually dry in that time. What are others procedures for washing boards? Also what do you have your air pressure set at, so parts are not damaged? Should the washer dry under the parts without the aid of the airhose? Thanks for any input.

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Westek SMT IV Drying Question | 4 October, 2010

Hi Michelle, Due to the dense population of through hole on some boards, after a 35 minute wash, some connectors or battery holders remain wet. Currently we put them into drying ovens at 70c for a Minimum of a half hour. We do occasionally air dry units at 60 PSI with an ESD safe nozzle. Air drying with a standard nozzle could cause an ESD event and damage your components. Most washes have a user setting for dry temperature and time, In our case we try to keep the wash and dry time to 35 minutes to reduce the bottle neck of the wash.

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