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Fuji MCS/2

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Fuji MCS/2 | 2 October, 2010

I have recently started working on FUJI IP2s and CP3s, and I need information on the MCS2 system. Anything on keyboard shortcuts or possibly where I can find any manuals on MCS2 would be helpful. And no, I don’t work in a museum.

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Fuji MCS/2 | 4 October, 2010

A few years ago I was able to buy a MCS-2 programming manual from Fuji America. You may want to contact them and see if they have any left.


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Fuji MCS/2 | 10 October, 2010

I have some here that I can send on, thankfully I dont need them anymore :-)...mail me off-line to arrange

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Fuji MCS/2 | 1 November, 2010

I have finally finished my shareware SMT program, It reads Protel and spits out MCS files. It can be downloaded from:


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