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Infrared Soldering Station

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Infrared Soldering Station | 27 September, 2010

At present, Infrared soldering technology became popular due to stream progress in the field of electronics. The stations become more popular among masters, engaged in repairing of composite printed-circuit boards, BGA reballing, soldering in hard-to-rich areas, etc. What are the advantages? I found several representatives of this technology like JOVY SYSTEM RE7500, ACHI and TORNADO. More interested in JOVY SYSTEM. Please, if you are using such equipment write a couple of words about practical usage. Thanks.

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Infrared Soldering Station | 27 September, 2010

I've owned two PDR Lightmaster IR rework stations (bought at 2 diff. companies) and have been extremely happy with them. Closed loop,separate control of top and bottom heater via non contact thermocouples. Control the process, not the product - set the profile and power limits by zone section and the software adjusts to follow the profile you've set. No nozzles to deal with, a couple of lenses to go from passive rework up to over 2" x 2" parts. Thermal tape for reflective parts, aluminum foil to make "shields" for sensitive parts. Can remove components that are bonded to PCB, most adhesives release at reflow temps - you are heating the leads up via the component body. Quick to train operators in use, program interface resembles a media player,, stop, pause...etc. In manual mode you can profile "on the fly". In auto mode the machine will jump to the point on the profile curve if the board has latent heat from another rework location - handy if you're removing multiple parts. Definitely worth a demo if you're in the market.

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