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Fuji IP2 - Check Nozzle

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Fuji IP2 - Check Nozzle | 23 September, 2010

Greetings all:

I may have a simpler issue going on with this Fuji IP2 machine I'm struggling with. IP2 will boot and zero set, but if production is to be done, during the nozzle check sequence it gives a check nozzle message. This is due to the nozzles dropping too low(the tips would crash into the nested nozzle tops if it were to proceed[both heads, not only one side]) but am at a loss as to why or what to check.

Any ideas?



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Fuji IP2 - Check Nozzle update | 25 September, 2010

I managed to bypass this issue by flushing FIP2 and sending status and proper back.

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